7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Exercise is one of the cornerstones for weight loss. According to Self magazine, you have to eat right, make exercise part of your routine, push yourself in your workouts, and find a workout you enjoy. If you can achieve each of these, you have a good chance of losing weight.

Not all exercise is created equal, so there are some exercises that will help you lose weight most effectively. Bear in mind that if you haven’t exercised regularly, you need to start slowly and build up.

You might not be physically able to do some of these seven exercises, but you can follow the suggestions for intensity that accompany each exercise.

Get ready to burn some fat!

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7. Jump Rope

Women’s Health recommends jumping rope as a major fat burner. If you can skip at 120 skips per minute, you’ll burn between 667 and 990 calories an hour. As a side benefit, it tones the entire body!

Your rope should be long enough so handles are at shoulder level when the loop touches the ground. Jump over the rope. Skip for one minute, rest, and redo. Build up your time and speed. Vary speed and intensity for greatest effect.
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